Holistic Development Service Centre ~ समग्र विकास सेवा केन्द्र (SAMAGRA)
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SAMAGRA (Holistic Development Service Centre) is a non-profit organization of Nepal whose long term vision centers around a self reliant, development oriented and dynamic society, ensuring human rights to every individual. It has underlined the mission to empower the marginalized and the absolute poor communities through the promotion of socio-economic and human capital adopting good governance, to claim and exercise their rights. The approach aims at political and socio-economic empowerment of the target people for their self-reliant all-round development through the formation and empowerment of "Social Families (SFs)" organized amongst the rural communities under the supervision / inspiration of SAMAGRA field level staff, who, with the help of professionals, impart with relevant need- based skills, knowledge and information to the concerned people. Its major activities are:

  • Monitoring of human rights and advocacy campaigns for the fulfillment of these rights.
  • Effective empowerment of marginalized men and women (organizing, awareness raising, mobilizing) to claim and exercise their rights.
  • Use of non-violence and peaceful ways of addressing grievances and promotion of social harmony (Conflict Transformation).
  • Coordination and mobilization of local resources by self-reliant community-based institutions (Social Families / Cooperatives).
  • Micro-business by communities based on the acquired skills and vocational training (Livelihood enhancements).
  • Construction / renovation of rural infrastructures / public services and environment conservation.